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A La Porte ISD Learner . . .

  • will be held to high standards, and expectations;
  • will be literate, self-reflective, and a life-long learner;
  • will be motivated and determined to persevere in the face of adversity; and
  • will be a productive and ethical citizen who makes a positive impact on society 

Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships

  • We will build and sustain meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. Making sure every child and teacher in the district gets to know the superintendent is the goal.
  • We will work collaboratively with the Board of Trustees to lead the district toward continued excellence.
  • The superintendent will conduct regular visits to campuses and departments.
  • The superintendent will be engaged in local organizations: Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and various advisory boards. 

Effective Communication & Transparency

We will work to communicate with stakeholders through:

  • written form, social media, videos, superintendent chats, blogs, and print and news media.
  • The superintendent will serve as strong public education advocates at the local, state and national level
  • We will promote the La Porte Way! throughout our district, region and state

Culture of academic excellence

  • We will attract, retain and develop staff to prepare students to compete in a global society.
  • We will exceed state standards and work to develop all students to reach their academic potential.
  • We will push to increase the number of students enrolled in the Gifted & Talented and Advanced Placement programs.
  • We will promote the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields
  • We will promote students’ active engagement in athletics, performing and visual arts.
  • We will produce high school graduates who are college, career or military ready.

Health & Safety

  • Student and staff health, safety and security are our primary responsibility and concern.
  • We will continue to develop district protocols and guidelines that promote good health, hygiene, and safety.

Teaching and Learning

  • We will operate under the mantra “Above All, Students First!”
  • We will develop and embrace a growth mindset that stimulates collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.
  • We will develop a plan to foster a learning environment that values professional autonomy, collaboration, and trust.
  • We will meet and exceed TEA accountability standards by providing consistent quality first-line teaching.
  • We will ensure that a quality teacher is in every classroom.
  • We will ensure that a quality principal/leader leads every campus.

Human Talent & Engagement

  • We will create an environment that hires and retains quality staff at all levels.
  • We will develop a comprehensive employee retention plan to acknowledge the value of our staff.
  • We will provide multiple opportunities for staff engagement and professional collaboration.
  • We will analyze and examine current trends and initiatives to balance employee workloads and responsibilities.

Facilities & Operations

  • We will transform learning spaces to optimize student learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • We will analyze, review, and regularly update safety measures and initiatives.
  • We will develop plans to transform learning spaces to foster collaboration, innovation and increased student engagement.

Communications, Public Relations & Community Involvement

  • The district will create parent and community partnerships to promote educational opportunities, innovation, and growth for all learners.
  • The district will provide teaming and virtual opportunities to improve home-to-school relationships.