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Our Purpose...

The La Porte ISD Purchasing Office is responsible for the organization and administration of procurement/purchasing for the District in accordance with the authority delegated by the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees.

The goal of the purchasing office is to provide, at the time and place needed in the proper quantity and of the proper quality: all materials, supplies, tools, and services required for the District's operations at best value while maintaining a reputation for fairness and integrity.

This District operates a procurement system that allows site-based management with a central location for purchasing. Although purchasing is directed to a central location, the budget managers are responsible for their departments and, based on state and local purchasing policies, may make determinations on which vendors bring the best value to meet the needs of their department/campus. Having a system where the purchasing takes place in a central location allows for a more efficient process having a central contact with vendors and the business community.

Lynley Marlar,

Purchasing and Contracts Coordinator

Phone: 281-604-7062   


Lesli Atkins,

Purchasing Specialist/CFO Secretary

tasbo Purchase Award of Merit badge